Douglas Schofield 'Weather Permitting'

Douglas Schofield will present a new series of paintings in his upcoming exhibition, Weather Permitting. His artistic practice is primarily focused on gardens, with the shapes, textures, movements and forms of the garden embedded and reflected in his abstract paintings.

In this body of work, he considers the impact of the weather and changing climate upon his experience in the landscape. As a gardener, he bears daily witness to the weather and is keenly aware that we are witnessing dramatic, unseasonal and severe weather, nation and worldwide. Translating this shifting world into his paintings, we see evidence of a wilder terrain, the force of the elements and their impact on both our bodies and nature.

Featuring energetic paintings that draw from the tones and colours found in nature, the exhibition gently reflects on this transforming environment, urging us to ponder what our ongoing connection with it will be. How will we engage, move and live in the outdoors in this new climate?

Douglas Schofield
Weather Permitting
8 August – 3 September 2023


Image Credit - Douglas Schofield   Late Autumn air with crunchy leaves 2023   acrylic and oil on canvas   112 x 92 cm