Hal Witney 'Pepper Grinder'

An online solo exhibition by Sydney based artist, Hal Witney.

The threshold between repulsion and desire can sometimes be a fine line, a tension that is felt by our senses, with taste, touch, smell, sound and sight determining whether we experience enjoyment or discomfort. In this new series of small-scale paintings and drawings, Hal Witney explores this in-between space, the shift in states that can arise in us triggered by external factors.

Featuring bright tones and soft pastels, these works give outline and form to inner psychological and spiritual states. The idea of transformation is a constant area of inquiry for the artist and this series reveals an ongoing battle between the fantasies, fears and emotions that shape our being; asking how do we find that subtle balance required to achieve a state of contentment?

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Hal Witney
Pepper Grinder
7 – 24 October 2021


Image Credits:

Top - Hal Witney  Looked upon but not looked back 2021 (Detail)  oil pastel, acrylic and water soluble crayon on linen   36 x 31 cm

Bottom - Hal Witney  Binge 2021   oil pastel, acrylic and pencil on linen   36 x 31 cm