Rhythms of Nature

Rhythms of Nature is a pop-up group exhibition featuring Sophie La Maitre (WA), Inbal Nissim (VIC), Yuria Okamura (VIC) and Douglas Schofield (NSW).

The pulsing daily rhythms of nature are experienced by our bodies, the earth and its lifeforms, as well the universe beyond. From the elemental atoms of our being to the tides of the ocean and cycles of the moon, there is something both inexplicable and reliable in the patterns of life.

Reflecting on the energy that flows in us and the natural world we are part of, each artist has produced a series of new works, including drawings and paintings. The exhibition will be presented at ILEANA Contemporary Art located in Brisbane.

Rhythms of Nature
– 7 November 2021

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Sophie La Maitre finds inspiration in the overlooked elements of our world: the tiny ecosystems under rocks or flowers blooming in abandoned yards. She then creates an archive of source materials, often in the form of photographs, which are then reflected through the colours, forms and compositions found in her intimate, beautifully toned and textured abstract paintings.

Working primarily in ink on either paper or fabric, Inbal Nissim’s mystical, nearly dream-like paintings flow with the many shades of life’s encounters; from the tumultuous to joyful and beyond. Her innate sense of colour, line, form and light give expression to the world as she understands it.

In her intricate beautiful drawings, Yuria Okamura maps and reconfigures geometric forms that reference patterns in nature, esoteric symbolism, alchemical diagrams, religious architecture and decoration, and spiritualist abstract painting.

Douglas Schofield explores the tension between the wildness of nature and the curated cultivated elements of the garden in his dynamic paintings. This dialogue between the garden and studio informs painterly and gestural work that celebrates materiality, mark making and vivid colours.

Image Credits:

Top - Installation view of Rhythms of Nature exhibition featuring Inbal Nissim and Douglas Schofield. Photo by Marc Pricop.

Centre Image - Installation view of Rhythms of Nature exhibition featuring Sophie La Maitre. Photo by Marc Pricop.

Bottom - Installation view of Rhythms of Nature exhibition featuring Yuria Okamura and Sophie La Maitre. Photo by Marc Pricop.