Kasper Raglus 'Closer'

A new online solo exhibition by Victorian based artist, Kasper Raglus.

In this exhibition, Closer, Kasper Raglus presents a series of intensely coloured small-scale paintings that reveal his skill in working with geometric forms and space. Each work is diffused with a sense of stillness, offering viewers a moment to marvel at the joy of perception. Adept at translating bold colours, shapes and lines into works that feel like portals into another dimension, Kasper’s paintings are both intimate and infinite.

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Kasper Raglus
2 – 19 December 2021


Image Credits:

Top - Kasper Raglus  Skin 2021 (Detail)   oil on plywood   60 x 60 cm

Bottom - Kasper Raglus  Closer 2021 oil on plywood   70 x 61 cm