Carla Adams 'Chovihani'

An online solo exhibition by Western Australian artist, Carla Adams.

In her exhibition, Chovihani, Carla Adams takes us on a journey into the magical and mystical. Raised by her Romani Gypsy grandmother, Carla’s upbringing was shaped by Romani cultural practices and folklore. Sadly, her grandmother passed away before Carla reached adulthood and so she is only now investigating this area of her history – as a way to both connect with herself and her grandmother.

Chovihani is a gypsy term for those possessed of great power through their knowledge of magic. It is also the name for the many charms and talismans the Romani create to maintain good luck. For the exhibition, Carla has created a series of watercolours and sculptures that depict these charms and enchanting gypsy myths. These artworks give form to ancient narratives, stories that reveal humanity’s constant search to define the inexplicable. 

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Carla Adams
22 February – 13 March 2022 

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Carla Adams
Charms for Power (Dice, A lock of hair from a natural red head, Flax, A silver coin, Sage and a snake [skin will do]) 2022
watercolour on paper
42 x 30 cm