Mellow Thoughts

Drifting recollections and future reveries softly ebb and flow through our mind when we slow right down. Immersed in this languid state, endless possibilities rise and fall, time dissipates and space is found to reflect, imagine and dream. Mellow Thoughts is a new exhibition that revels in that moment of taking pause, when thoughts are allowed to wander and gentleness leads the way. Featuring small works on paper by a group of emerging Australian artists, this upcoming exhibition provides a glimpse into those rare instances of quiet contemplation.

Presented as a pop-up exhibition at Art-Work Studios on the Gold Coast.

Mellow Thoughts
14 – 15 May 2022
Gold Coast


Carla Adams (WA)
Nathan Beard (WA)
Kevin Diallo (NSW)
Maddison Kitching
Sophie La Maitre (WA)
Jack MacRae (QLD)
Jacqueline Larcombe (NSW)
Inbal Nissim (VIC)
Kahli Perkins (QLD)
Douglas Schofield (NSW)
Hal Witney (NSW)

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Image Credit:

Inbal Nissim
(Untitled 1) 2022
ink on paper
30 x 21 cm