Kahli Perkins 'A matter of urgency'

A new solo pop-up exhibition by Queensland artist, Kahli Perkins.

Kahli Perkins’ luminous abstract paintings are explorations of light and colour. In her upcoming exhibition, A matter of urgency, she will present a series of airbrushed acrylic paintings on canvas alongside watercolours on paper.

Using rhythmic and beguiling bands of colour, Perkins fastens upon moments of quietude and stillness. Creating works that encourage viewers to slow down can be seen as a subversive and urgent act in our oversaturated and constantly stimulated visual culture. The gentle mesmerising nature of these paintings both induce and demand surrender to their quiet presence.

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Kahli Perkins
A matter of urgency
18 – 19 June 2022

Image Credits:

Top - Kahli Perkins   Interference Pattern (In lockdown with Monet’s Water Lilies) 2021   acrylic on canvas   183 x 152 cm   Photo by Carl Warner

Bottom - Kahli Perkins   Phase Shift (before it got heavy) 2022   water colour on paper   61 x 51 cm   Photo by Carl Warner