Sophie La Maitre 'With no discernible pause'

Sophie La Maitre presents a new series of paintings in her exhibition, With no discernible pause. She has long been interested in the minutiae of life, particularly those found in the domestic sphere and natural world.

For this body of work, Sophie has pulled inspiration from her home in Perth’s northern suburbs. A ramshackle house with many secrets, struggling under the effects of time and the elements. She observed how the garden is patiently taking claim over the property.

“The passing years are only indistinctly marked by the changing of the seasons, with the plants that die and re-emerge each year. Almost suddenly, daisies bloom on the verge, and the nasturtiums sprout in forgotten places. Within the space of what feels like days the grass has grown longer than it has in months, encouraged by the barrage of rain.”

These subtle natural changes are displayed in her softly painted abstract works that give form and colour to her gentle reflections. By acting as a testament to the passage of time and things always being in a state of flux, these works shine a light on those quiet moments found in daily life.

Sophie La Maitre
With no discernible pause
12 – 31 July 2022

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Image Credit: Sophie La Maitre   With wings of feathered ease 2022   oil on canvas   51 x 41 cm