Kasper Raglus 'Tidal'

Featuring a new series of works, Kasper Raglus’ solo exhibition, Tidal, continues the artist’s dedication to exploring line, colour and form through his unique geometric abstractions. Presenting a view into other worlds, these paintings rise and fall, they ebb and flow, push and pull, much like the tides of the sea.
A master of precision, Kasper’s paintings offer reflective spaces and moments of stillness. Established through a clever use of perspective, the works also exhibit his deft handling of positive and negative space. In an echo of a low tide, several of the works feature a restrained palette of cool grey, white and black. Whilst the remaining works contain the bold hues for which the artist is known, conjuring realms filled with colour.

Kasper Raglus
9 April – 5 May 2024



Image Credits:

Top - Kasper Raglus  Chances 2024 (Detail)   oil and acrylic on board   50 x 50 cm

 Bottom - Kasper Raglus  Upward 2024  oil and acrylic on board   40 x 40 cm