Something in the water

The exhibition, Something in the water, explores the often intangible ties between us that manifest in shared connections or outcomes. Several emerging Australian artists reflect on how this sense of connection can be fuelled by a universal element.
The flow of water can be both a metaphor and inspiration for the creative impulse. There is the notion that life emerged from a primordial soup, that water has birthed us and connected us always. Existing in a nation surrounded by water, we cannot escape its influence, one that imbues our lives in a multitude of ways.
Featuring works on paper, paintings, photography and more, the exhibition will be presented at Lawson Flats in Perth, Western Australia.

Presented as a pop-up exhibition at Lawson Flats in Perth.

Something in the water
24 November – 9 December 2023

Carla Adams (WA)
Kevin Diallo (NSW)
Sophie La Maitre (WA)
Jack MacRae (QLD)
Kahli Perkins (VIC)
Haruka Sawa (VIC)
Douglas Schofield (NSW)

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Image Credit: Haruka Sawa   Freefall 2023   oil on canvas   46 x 41 cm