Jack MacRae X Trent Mitchell Film

Jack MacRae’s art and bodysurfing practice is the subject of a short film by photographer, Trent Mitchell. In a collaboration with Nikon, this beautifully shot film shows the incredible ocean and landscapes in Queensland.

“When the ocean meets the land always creates a very interesting composition and focal point. I like being able to use those elements in my hard-edge colour field paintings and collages”

The film offers a unique perspective on Jack’s approach to artmaking, his connection to nature and how this is intimately related to both his bodysurfing and art practice.

“Body surfing is something where you’re the closest you can get to nature. I suppose painting and creating art is a very similar feeling”

View the video below:

Film Director: Trent Mitchell
Editor and Colourist: Asher King

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Image Credits: Courtesy Trent Mitchell