New to Collecting Art?

Starting out on your art collecting journey can be both exciting and a little daunting. There can be a lot of new information to take in and so many different avenues to pursue. We believe that buying art for your home and collecting art is something that should be accessible and enjoyable! We’ve put together a short series of 7 tips below to guide you as begin:

#1 Buy what you love. As with life, it’s good to be guided by love and your instincts. Finding a strong connection with a work will prove to be rewarding over time. It’s often not just the beauty of a work that you will be drawn to, but the meaning and significance behind it. Great work tends to reveal itself to you more and more over time as you live with it.

#2 Take your time. A great art collection doesn’t happen overnight, it’s something that grows with you as you do. Part of the joy of collecting art is the gradual development of your own taste, preferences and style, which develops more as you further engage with a wide range of artists.

#3 Ask questions. This may seem like a straightforward one, but please don’t be afraid to contact galleries to discuss artworks you are interested in. You are not obliged to buy anything by simply having chat, but it’s a wonderful way to learn about the artists you are interested in and get personalised advice tailored to your situation.

#4 Start small. An easy way to start out is to collect smaller size works as they are often easy to place around the home and are more affordable. Works on paper and sculptures are often a great way to do this, as are more traditional mediums like painting. As your confidence grows, you can extend to medium and larger size works.

Jack MacRae

#5 Explore IRL as well as online. Every state has amazing public galleries and these are great places to learn about art. In Queensland, we are lucky to have QAGOMA, but be sure to check out your local spaces to engage with their programs. There are also fantastic art magazines and blogs to keep you up to date to with the latest artists, some include Vault, Art Collector and Art Guide Australia.

#6 Presentation matters. When it comes to framing and presenting your work, there can be a few different options to best complement your work. It’s definitely worth getting good advice when it comes to framing. Though do keep in mind that not all works require framing. Some small works look great leant up against a shelf in your home, plus there can be other creative ways to display works.

#7 Enjoy your art buying journey. Starting an art collection is something to get excited about! Once you get started, it is an endeavour that can continue to give meaning and find joy in your life.


Artwork Image Credits -

Top: Sophie La Maitre Making no more noise than a shadow 2021 oil on canvas 31 x 23 cm

Centre: Jack MacRae Sunshine Beach 2021 hand-cut collage 64 x 51 cm